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Bill is a born psychic, medical intuitive, and healer.

Nicknamed "The Psychic Cowboy" by close friends because of his natural abilities and his love for horses.

Some people excel at sports, the arts or mathematics.   Bill's talents lay in the realm of the unseen, the realm of metaphysical energy.   Bill is a psychic, metaphysical instructor, and a spiritual healer.

Bill has had precognitive dreams, viewed spirits, and just would “know” things before they happened since early childhood.  He didn’t fully recognize the depths of his abilities until the early 90’s.  Soon after, He began his spiritual journey in earnest and an intensive period of training with other psychics and intuitives.  Through that process, he learned how to consciously tap into his gifted abilities. 

 Bill’s clients consider him to be very accurate with their readings and bring to light issues that sometimes they are not consciously aware of.  He approaches every psychic reading with respect, humor, and compassion, as a result of facing his own life challenges.

Bill has encountered tremendous results with his healing work on those who have requested his assistance.  Healing is not only restricted to physical issues.



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